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Whatever, faith is such a wimpy word. Faith is for people who go to go church and just listen. Faith just sits in the background and lounges around. All action coming from faith is ultimately tied to whatever thing is believed in...leaving us poor mortals out of the equation.

Now, devotion is a better word. Devotion demands bold love, active compassion, tolerance, and ACTION. An increase in devotion always brings out real results.

So, no, I don't think faith is important at all. There is a trust that I have when I enter the dojo, but that is built upon history of having a good lesson every time. My teachers are good, but they are human, not make believe creatures that hide their lucky charms at the end of rainbows. And O'Sensei, well, he's dead, never knew the guy. I prefer to honor the dead by practicing rather than talking or 'feeling.'
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