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Re: Re: Re: Hakama Tying

Nafis Zahir wrote:

Please explain again, it sounds confusing. How do you tie and then untie the front himo?
When you put on the hakama, you need to get the koshi-ita firmly in place, just above the obi. To keep it in place, you need to tie the back himo. I usually tie it round my body, just above the waist. Then you must deal with the front of the hakama. You tie the front himo as usual, only with this method they go round the back of the hakama and are crossed over directly below the koshi-ita. You tie them in front as usual. Now you have the back himo to deal with, since they are still tied around the waist and need to be tied properly. I usually thread them through the front himo, from above, and tie them at the front.

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