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Josh Bisker
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Dean mate, i'm sure that this sounds really condescending but i don't mean for it to come off that way, i just want to give you an awareness of something:

in your last paragraph, your words were:

"How would you people battle this problem?"

I agree that your situation sounds troubling and frustrating, and i'm sure that if i were in your shoes i'd want to do something about it too, but maybe "battling" isn't the idea that's going to get you the furthest. As crap as this sounds, maybe you want to think of it in a more "aiki" way; try to assess the negative force that is damaging to you and see how you can negate its negative effects without fleeing or fighting. It sounds like you've been at your dojo for a while now, surely you can talk to your Sensei or your highest Sempai and tell them about your frustration and your difficulty in figuring out what the best decision is. Even if it amounts to no significant change in the dojo, and it might, at least you will not leave with harsh feelings of futility, but maybe good feelings of inclusion in a larger concern. Or who knows, maybe they haven't realized the situation was as bad as it is for you, or maybe they are already at work on a solution.

I don't mean to come off as patronizing or anything, obviously you have a good head and heart in this, but i just saw in your language an idea that might want some help.

Hope things go well,

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