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If Jun IS being vague, then that means any and ALL interpretations are correct and thus... this poll serves only one purpose: to spark a good dialogue!
How important is "faith" in your aikido training?
Faith in my religious beliefs are often times touched by my training. Through training in aikido two years, I believe I now know what O'Sensei meant by becoming "one with the universe," though that doesn't mean I've achieved it or even tried to.

Faith is my instructor or sempai (teammates? I think that's the word) is more Trust than faith. I trust them all very well. It's trusting in my own ability that I need to work on more than anything.

Faith in the technique and physical dynamics of aikido goes without question in my mind. How many times do you need to see someone thrown into kotegeishi before you get that it is effective??? Duh!

So... take it as you will. I have many answers to chose from. Still, I'd like to hear from Jun on this one.

/poke Jun

/bonk Jun

/taps my foot in Jun's general direction

/taunts Jun a second time!!

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