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Re: How best to deliver a striking attack?

Gary Tan (garytan) wrote:
1. ...follow through the attack.

2. Uke strikes solidly and plants feet firmly on the ground.

....whats everyone's opinion about this.
I generally associate greater resistance with progress, both during class and over time.

In class, with beginners especially, I want them to get the footwork and timing right so I ask folk to go through the motions for the first few reps, ie, "follow through the attack". After they know the pattern of movement, we begin working on vectors for taking balance more carefully. Here resistance is valuable as diagnostic.

As one becomes more skillful, s/he should expect/demand more resistance from his training partners in general.

(As to planting, karate folk do root rather well. A snappy backfist to their nose would loosen them up, of course, indeed prevent them from planting in the first place. But this makes for a pretty inhospitable training environment and thus an aikido dilemma: How to calibrate the effect of this smacking of UKE (ATEMI) without actually smacking him (also analyzed as "aikido demands cooperation and thus is fake")? On the one hand your technique isn't working, on the other, you don't want to brutalize your training partner. A certain faith is called for. I've seen more than one karate player--who was unwilling to extend this faith--leave aikido in frustration because aikido "didn't work".)

Don J. Modesto
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