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Krosm wrote:
I dont really know what the reputation of Ninjutsuka is amongst Aikidoka but the way my Sensai teaches seems similar to more of the Aiki principles inherent to Aikido and less then the linear and aggressive aspects of some Karate Ryu. What I mean by this is that much of the instruction is focused on flow, harmony, and conflict resolution rather then more destructive principals I have seen other Ninjutsu instructors emphasis.
Welcome to the party.

You just reminded me of something which I'm finding humorous right this minute. This happened right after I got my shodan and our dojo hosted a 3 art seminar and part of it was Ninjitsu. We went last and the first 2 sections involved the standard stuff: pressure points, joint locks, breaking stuff (like arms, legs, necks) and all that good stuff. My instructor (ex-ranger, 30+ years of Aikido and almost certainly the meanest, deadliest motherfucker in the room and not because of his Aikido) gets up to teach.

What does he teach?

"Open up, love, feel your partner, connect with your partner. Feel love for them from an open space."

So here I am, a newly minted shodan, still getting comfortable with this thing around my waist and I wind up in the ninja section. They're all looking at me for clarification. "We'll uh, you like open up and you feel love which lets in some harmony because of the connection... Yea, that's it."

The ninja people all get these funny ??????'s over their heads. I'm standing there saying "harmony, love, ....." and they are getting more ?'s with every word I say.

It was a long 2 hours.
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