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Peter A Goldsbury (Peter Goldsbury) wrote:
"Homage to antiquity" is a very loose way of interpreting the word "keiko" (= respect for the old) and perhaps needs to be taken more seriously.
Hi folks,

I missed a lot of dialogue it seems. I can appreciate the respect for the old/tradition with regard to hakama. Just like Tomiki Shihan at the Kobukan, I have one just in case another style that I may train in requires that I wear one. From my understanding, the wearing of hakama is the choice of the individual in Shodokan. Though from doing shiai-based randorigeiko I can clearly see where the wearing of one can be extremely dangerous to both parties involved, regardless of how careful one might be.

Maybe that's part of the reason Aikikai Dan grades tend to shelve their hakamas as well when training at our dojo. I guess adherence to tradition does not have preference over simple common sense for those guys.

To each his own I say. Personally I think hakamas look cool.

Just my thoughts.


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