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Regarding the focus issue, the point of using the peripheral vision,as verses focused vision is the routing of optic nerves into the brain itself. As this was explained in the USAF (United States Fencing Association)

this means the signal from the main focal area of the back of the eyeball itself is routed more into the lobes of the brain. Edges of this area are routed deeper into the more primitive core or (reptillian brain).

Reflexes come from this area. more direct connection less re-routing =quicker reaction times.

I, myself, don't know for absolute fact on this...... just repeating what the fencing coaches curriculae contained.

I would appreciate it if anyone with more Read "any" anatomical knowledge would verify this?

After all the instructors in the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs may have disproved this as a no-longer-valid theory.
Twenty years have passed since I was taught this, so...

(And, no, I haven't fenced in the olympics...)

Fwiw Lan

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