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James Giles
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I know this might be changing the subject a little bit. I have been practicing Aikido for only about 5 months now. Since our class is really small, there is no beginner class, so I am sort of pushed to learn things quickly (which I really don't mind at all).

We are presently practicing the bokken kumitachi for the ASU Nidan test (#6 - #12), which my Sensei is going to take soon. Up until last night all had been going well. I learned all of the bokken kumitachi #1 - #11, and had not been injured nor injured anyone else.

I was practicing the 8th kumitachi with my Sensei, and I cracked him on the top of the head with a Shomen strike by accident. Looking back, I don't even know how it all came about. I tried to pull back at the last instant, but I heard a loud *WHONK* and a very hurt look on his face.

I know this may sound crazy, but I felt so badly about it, that I went home and took my bokken and cracked myself on the head just to experience what he must have felt. I still have a headache this afternoon. Yes bokkens do hurt! But what hurts more is knowing that I hurt my Sensei, who I really respect a lot.

Has anyone else out there had to go through this?

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