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Nick Simpson wrote:
Hi Rachael, Some books I really like are Angry White Pyjama's (dont lynch me Yoshinkan folks) by robert twigger, total aikido by gozo shioda, budo: teachings of the founder by morihei ueshiba (cant remember if I got that title right but im tired ), hope you enjoy Aikiweb.
Hi Rachael from another newbie. :-)

As a Yoshinkan'er, I liked it too.

It's a good work of fiction: very entertaining.

It's funny, 'cos I train with a guy who went through that year's Senshusei course with him. He didn't think much of Twigger's Aikido skills... ;-)

Another good Yosh book is Aikido Shugyo, by Gozo Shioda. Lots of insights & some pretty good stories of strife & mayhem as well.
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