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Nick Simpson wrote:
I have heard of dan grades confusing a low ranked kyu grade in hakama for a dan grade and therefore going fell for leather with them when the uke couldnt cope.

But then again Ive trained with visiting dan grades from other organisations who didnt ask my kyu rank and just proceeded to batter me senseless anyway, so I guess its all immaterial.
As a Yoshinkan student, most of us rarely wear hakama.

At my original dojo, Sensei only wore hakama at gradings and at demo's and yudansha only wore them at demos in certain circumstances.

At my current dojo, instructors also wear them when they are taking a class.

Surely any dan grade should have a rough idea of someone else's quality of Aikido just by watching them train for a minute or 2 or training with them for a couple of techniques, regardless of what they were wearing.

If uke can't cope then surely shite has a duty to tone it down a bit, to stretch uke without breaking them.


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