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Hi all,

1st post & I thought I'd put my 2 bob's worth in. :-D

I wouldn't say uke is "wrong".

I'd also say that shite is "wrong" either, unless they have agressive/malicious intentions.

In the end you have 2 people trying to learn something.

If uke comes in with the old straight arm shomen uchi, they need to learn to give an honest attack & leave their ego at the door.

(Aikido is all about karma & sometimes people have to learn this the hard way. Senior students should be able to see this & take things into hand without things getting heated.)

If shite gets smacked in the head, they need to learn how to avoid the attack... ;-)

If they do a kote gaeshi too fast for their uke & break uke's arm, they need to learn better sensitivity for the uke.

If uke can't handle a _reasonable_ technique delivered by shite, they might need to practise their ukemi.

If uke over-ukes so that they don't feel any pain & shite feels nothing, they might need to learn to overcome some fears.

If uke over-ukes & hurts themself flipping for something that only requires a roll, then they either need to learn better sensitivity to shite, or learn to flip better. ;-)


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