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Re: Boken Attacks hurt

Ghee Chuan Chew (GC_Chew) wrote:
My question is where do u look when u r in stance?

Advise anyone? Where do i look? Also how do i focus so i can sense the attack?
I tend to look at the sternum about nipple level in aikido, a practice I picked up unconsciously from a Saotome student named Suzuki Shigeru who used to teach in Chicago way back when. I think you could make the best of any practice, though. When I do karate, I look 'em in the eye. Some folk say you can better tell their intentions thus. Some sword folk recommend looking at the hands.

As to sensing the attack, I've found patience works best for me. I quiet myself and concentrate; UKE's intentions become obvious. The quiet seems to psyche 'em out some, too. Most aikido practice doesn't lend itself to picking up this skill, in my experience. Too often training is formulaic: My turn as UKE, attack four times, now I'm NAGE, etc. Karate's KUMITE will hone this for you.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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