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Hi All

Sorry if it looked like I was too hard there. I read it back and I agree it wasn't really forum friendly. Looked more like an email from work - mental note, don't take home a crappy day!!!

Let me explain that I don't read "wrong" in the question as simply making a mistake, or not being proficient. I read it as intention. Which why I said earlier:

"The only "Wrong" in Aikido is in bad intention!"
Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
Uke needs to be trained otherwise full power techniques are going to cause serious injury. As with any learned endeavor there is a right way and a wrong way - ergo a beginner can most definately be wrong.
Of course Uke needs to be trained. I think you are being very black and white with this. I think that this is something relative to level/experience. To say something is "wrong" is negative.
Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
Kata training - which is basically what we do - assums both tori and uke are very much aware of what is happening. Faced with a beginner one has two choices as Tori - either dumb down the technique or train up the beginner.
As for "dumb down the technique or train up the beginner", you do neither, you exercise control and execute the technique within the abilities of your Uke.

BTW, Janet, I wasn't shouting, and I too am not a beginner, I have more than 20 years of MA under my obi.

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