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I'm new to this website & forum (and fairly new to Aikido too!), so I thought I'd introduce myself and say hello.

I'm 24 and live in what feels like the rainiest place on Earth - England.

I'm a 1st dan in Shotokan karate and I started Aikido because I wanted something that would complement my karate training. I a real fan of Aikido, although it was really difficult at first (hmm...still is) as it is so different to karate. So far I've managed to not mix the two up and put a kotegaeshi (or other Aikido technique) on my karate sensei by mistake!

I love learning about Martial Arts in general, and karate & Aikido specifically, so if anyone can recommend any good martial arts books then that would be great!

In my 'spare' time away from the dojo I also like horseriding, reading and music. Oh yeah, I also find time to work in a Primary school as a teaching assistant and go to university part time!

Erm... I don't know what else to put now.
Thanks for reading my long post.

Shodan, Shotokan karate & 6th kyu Aikido

"The brave do not live forever, but the timid do not live at all."
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