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Eric Goebelbecker (egoebel) wrote:
Ukemi is 50% of training, so it follows that a beginner would have this half wrong too.
I've never had any problem with this aspect of being an uke, so I forgot that being an uke also includes doing proper ukemi.

always assumed that being a proper uke is to concentrate on attacking properly.

But when an uke is 'wrong' in this aspect, I don't think it really affect the outcome of the technique. The technique is successfull, it's just that the uke went splat due to their fault (for a lack of better term).

Unless there's an instance where bad ukemi caused a bad technique? Otherwise I still think ukes can't be wrong.

IMO, Ukes should polish their ukemi like hell before their techniques, because everybody's ukemi is their own responsibility.

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