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Peter A Goldsbury (Peter Goldsbury) wrote:
In other words, were I a Tomiki or Shodokan student, I would not spend much time questioning the non-hakama rule: it is part of the deal and Tomiki Sensei had his own reasons against wearing the hakama. On the other hand, had I been a student at the Kobukan, I don't think I would have spent much time either worrying about why we were wearing the hakama.
And by way of coincidence and example - when one of your ex-students (Yuji-san) joined our practice last week-end he ditched the hakama without question. I didn't even see the article.

By the way the Shodokan university students when they do Embu - wear hakama. I don't even think it matters if the are Yudansha or not.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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