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Paula Lydon wrote:
The reason the question came up for me is that there seemed to be an increase in these injuries, where they could be traced directly back to either a hakama entanglement or getting stepped on, and nearly all of the injured students are advanced practitioners. Hard to chalk up to inexperiece in hakama or klutziness.
Now this got me thinking. May I ask how big is your training area and how many folks, hakama wearing or not, train at the same time? Also, is your training area square or rectangular, and do you all throw your partners in the same direction (parallel to the tokonoma or perpendicular to the tokonoma) or with no particular orientation?

Here we have the luxury of training in a rectangular 200 sq. meter area so even with 20+ folks we have plenty of room for ample techniques such as kaiten nage. The tokonoma faces south, but we practice perpendicular to it, so our backs are against the walls and not the tokonoma. All techniques are performed in an east-west orientation no matter if they are omote or ura, kinda like a bowling alley, so we are very careful not to get on anyone´s "lane".

I dunno, maybe your rash of injuries is just a case of lots of folks in skirts flying in all directions in a relatively small area? Something´s gotta give!
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