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Paula Lydon
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~~Wonderful observations and imput on this thought; thanks to one and all. I understand the use of hakama for improving one's movement and honoring the traditions of one's school, for those with this point. The reason the question came up for me is that there seemed to be an increase in these injuries, where they could be traced directly back to either a hakama entanglement or getting stepped on, and nearly all of the injured students are advanced practitioners. Hard to chalk up to inexperiece in hakama or klutziness. When things seem 'off' they get me thinking and it's always enjoyable to knock thoughts around with others.

~~Mostly I'm hearing that it's part and parcel of Aikido training(most dojo)because that's the tradition it grew from, just as some other arts/schools only use live blades, and people getting cuts and knicks is part of training.

~~As an aside, I thought that the word keiko referred to training--keikogi=training outfit--while Peter G., you say it means 'respect for the old'. If you have a moment I'd like more understanding on this. Thanks!

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