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Thank you Lynn and Janet for reminding me about the other half of my training. I'm embarrased that I looked at the question pretty onesidedly (is that a word?).
Mark Dobro (Doka) wrote:
If you "Suck" at being Uke, it is not wrong, because then every beginner would be wrong, and they are definitely not!!!
Hi Mark;

I'm going to jump on this one. Forgive me but you are very off-base on this one.

Uke needs to be trained otherwise full power techniques are going to cause serious injury. As with any learned endeavor there is a right way and a wrong way - ergo a beginner can most definately be wrong.

Kata training - which is basically what we do - assums both tori and uke are very much aware of what is happening. Faced with a beginner one has two choices as Tori - either dumb down the technique or train up the beginner.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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