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Janet Rosen wrote:
I'm uke half the time, and I KNOW I'm not correct/perfect all the time I'm uke, that in fact my uke-waza sucks about the same as my nage-waza does. That's why I voted that yes, uke can be wrong.

Sometimes I don't give as committed an attack as I should.

Sometimes I don't stay as connected to nage as I should; I bail.
This is not "wrong"!

As Sh'te/Tori/Nage, we should not expect Uke to be right there where he should be, otherwise we could just do the technique any old way and scratch our nuts at the same time!!! We put our Uke there, we lead him/her there!!! If they are not there then we are wrong!!! If you "Suck" at being Uke, it is not wrong, because then every beginner would be wrong, and they are definitely not!!!

Lets face it, if you cannot do the technique properly, do not blame your Uke! A bad workman blames his tools!!! A bad Sh'te/Tori/Nage blames his Uke!!!
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