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Ian Upstone wrote:
Peter, my shiho nage/kote gaeshi remark was merely an observation of how normal Japanese words can develop a narrow definition when used in only one context i.e. in one particular art. I thought it was relevant to give an similar example - just in case we are limiting our definition of 'ukemi waza' to what we know of it as aikidoka.
Ah I understand - and yes you are right.

I'm going to have to read that article before I say too much more. Kim Taylor is a sword guy and although kenjutsu kata usually have uke/tori designations there tends to be a much more switching between attacking/defending actions. I'm a little puzzeled because the term somehow suggests there are techniques particular to uke which if so is beyond my limited experience.

Speaking of Kim Talylor - I was in the Budo shop outfitting one of my charges and me the man responsible for Mr. Taylor's Kendo/Iaido account with the company. It's a small little shop in Himeji but its an even smaller world.

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