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Aleksey Sundeyev (shihonage) wrote:
There are nages who always try to throw uke more energetically than the uke threw them when they were nage, to somehow "justify" the difference in rank.
This is definately true. I feel you are going to have this anywhere you train to an extent. However with me, I once trained in a dojo where the relationship between sensei and myslef turned because I started throwing him harder than I use to. Why?

I am rather large and through alot of my years of training, I always let people roll gently out of my techniques like a baby playing in a sand box because I know that my sheer strength and powerful techniques are enough to make people not want to train with me. Well, after driving a 2 hour round trip

2-3 times a week for 4 years, I felt like I was getting nothing out of it. So, I was taking all the abuse from everyone else as started to wonder why I was holding back. So, I stepped it up a notch. This turned out to be a long road of resentment by my sensei toward me. He accuse me of trying to show off etc. and treating the mat like a contest arena. This simply just was not true. He just did not like me throwing him around in front of the other students in fear that it might upstage his authority. He also had minors in the adult class that should not have been there. A minor should only be allowed to train in an adult class only if they can compensate and provide the same level of training as another adult.

Brad Medling
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