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Larry Camejo (L. Camejo) wrote:
Getting back to Paula's question though.

Does the benefit gained from wearing this "piece of cloth" in training outweigh any possible disadvantages of wearing it?

I agree that carelessness is a major factor (probably the most significant) in causing injuries on the mat. But besides the links to the past tradition and history, does the wearing of the hakama really add to one's dojo practice? Is the Aikido of someone wearing a hakama noticeably different to someone who is not wearing one?

Just an honest to goodness question, not trying to challenge the establishment or anything here .

Considering Paulas's question, I myself do not look at the matter in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

For example, I occasionally trained in a dojo where there were no tatami, which meant taking ukemi and breakfalls on a wooden floor. This certainly had to be factored into training, but the question whether it was advantageous or not never arose.

Putting on and wearing the hakama is one of the stages along the way. Making sure you don't step on it is part of the training.

Making sure you do not step on anyone else's hakama is also part of the training\in general dojo awareness.

Finally, since there is no firm data, for example on the rate of injuries caused by hakama in the Kobukan Dojo between 1930 and 1942, when wearing it was de rigeur, deciding the issue is a matter of personal preference or dojo rules. I do not think there are any further questions, involving advantage or disadvatage.

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