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Ignacio Jaramillo (Nacho_mx) wrote:
The hakama will expose our shortcomings in footwork/taisabaki/ukemi, so itīs wearing should not be taken lightly. I wear it at ankle level, and fortunately I havenīt been involved in an major accident, also I can recall only a couple of hakama related injuries in my dojo in the past few years.
What I meant is that if our footwork, taisabaki, ukemi (and concentration) are adequate, the hakama wonīt get in the way. However if anyone is having constant hakama related incidents (tripping, getting tangled with partners, limited mobility, etc.) I donīt think is because of the hakama or the ukes. To me itīs a sign that the practitioner should/must improve in this areas, specially footwork, IMHO.
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