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Rich Stephens
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An interesting thread. I have no problem with the male only dojo as described.

However, I found one reason for excluding women a little odd. If I read correctly (may not have) one reason was that men can't train properly for fear of hurting the women and this interferes with the training. I could see how that might be true of football, or boxing, or any number of other activities. But Aikido?

Fear of harming someone is essential in Aikido, because Aikido is supposed to be practiced in a way that does not harm out attackers. There exists the potential to be attacked by those that are weaker than we are in this world and it is our responsibility to protect ourselves without harming them. Therefore even the strongest man must know how to stop even the weakest without harming them. Is this not Aikido? Is this forgotten when one only trains with those equal to them in ability and physical strength, flexibility and pain threshold? I don't know but it's at least possible. (however it's equally possible that Linden Sensei has other ways of teaching this without requiring the pressence of women or smaller folks or fat folks or whiners or whatever).

I'd also like to remind everyone hung up on the policy saying one thing while one of its dojos does something different that, well, nothing could be more Japanese than that disconnect between stated policy and reality! I really miss that sort of thing now that I live in California.
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