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Maresa Sumardi (indomaresa) wrote:
Thanks for the shodokan link, Larry

But if the techniques allowed for each attack in competition is fixed, wouldn't people naturally develop ways to resist them?
Hi Maresa, sorry I took so long to reply. The techniques allowed for each attack in competition is fixed to the basic 17 of the randori no kata as Yann had pointed out. But this means that any possible variation of the techs in the basic 17 can be applied, the ones shown in the animations on the site I gave show only the very basic version. Variations on these techniques are allowed as the situation allows, so its sort of hard to resist by foreknowledge of technique, folks just tend to resist to wherever Tori is trying to take them at the point in time, not thinking about resisting a particular technique per se. Much of the resistance is to kuzushi, before the tech even takes form.
foam covered-bokkens? omygosh, that's my dream come true. Did you buy it online? what is the foam like?
The foam bokkens work quite nicely for me when training things like ma ai, reaction and entering, and doing tachi dori with bokken. It helps students develop certain movements that may be dangerous with a normal bokken, and also helps them to get over the initial fear of someone coming at you with a bokken at medium to full speed as well, as in tachidori.

I found them at this site - -under the weapons section, or you can use this url -

They have a padded and cushioned tip and the foam rubber keeps things safe unless one does not move at all from a strike and Tori comes in at full force without stopping. They are pretty light, which is why they are only used to teach specific things and not used for suburi or kumitachi training. I never put em up against a normal bokken they would tend to break or the padding will be damaged at the least.

I've seen the ones at bujin and I will admit to not having used them, but I don't get the feeling that they allow for the same degree of cushioning with the leather. Also, I would tend not to use anything but a solid, unprotected, good quality bokken for kumitachi. Have seen what can happen when low grade wood / bamboo gets shattereed and splinters fly.

By using the foam bokkens in randori, Tori gets to practice techs without too much fear of being damaged, while uke gets to practice counters while holding the bokken - it's extreme fun.


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