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Daniel Linden (DGLinden) wrote:
Ms Gordon,

I pass judgement on no man or woman.
You already have. Colleagues have read your posts with some degree of shock, dismay and disappointment.

I am not an aikidoka, and I forsook that system because of its politics.

You are a victim of said politics, as well as the politics of where you live, and where you grew up.

You and many of my male relatives. I never listened to them either. If I had, I would barefoot in some trailer park somewhere with a bunch o' rug rats and a life I hate. No thanks. Damn shame we women got control of our organs, anyway, huh? ;->
Please listen to Hooker Sensei and let this thread die a decent death.
I've crossed sword points with Dennis.

We had a good giggle together.

I never quit with him, either. He would have been insulted if I had.
Ms Gordon, I look forward to inviting you teach at my dojo. You are what? A godan?, A rokudan? Please let me know so I can set something up.

Oh, for Pete's sake Dan!

I left aikido after shodan. I don't know my rank now, nor do I really care to. I might be sandan by now if I had stayed and played the game. I'm no good at games, though.. no one in their right mind would give me a godan, much less a rokudan.. though I did hand my teacher in Austin his godan with my own hands. The shihan asked me to. I do not know why. It meant so much to me.

What is 15 years of practice under no one master worth? A couple severe injuries, chronic pain, and lots of knowledge about what NOT to do. I still love to train, in spite of it all. My teacher feels the same.

However, my current teacher, Chuck Gordon, holds many arts most people have forgotten. Fascinating stuff. He has taught at every single Aikido-L seminar in the US save the one in CA, and that was because we live in Germany and it was simply too much to go. We did make it to Toronto in 2003, however. He taught an atemi class and I taught a massage class. Pretty normal for us.

In any case I have to thank you, as you gave me inspiration for a paper I presented in absentia at last year's Guelph Sword School. You provided some good material. As it was on a public web site, I was questioned as to the source, and when I led my editor to it, she was, um.. what did she say? "It cracked me up to read people defending him. It's his choice, and really, who cares what he does?"

I happen to agree. But like other people with nasty habits, such as writing, poetry, singing, or hamster love, it's best kept private. (in Andy's case the singing is encouraged, however..

Do what you want. But if it's unusual, or unadvised, don't publicise without expecting someone to ask you what the hell you think you are doing.

Here's what I've done:

I wrote this paper to help people like you, Dan.. my father is one such, and while I still baffle him, we have fun together and enjoy each other. He has never, and will never, watch me train. He just doesn't understand how much I am his daughter. 8-)

For those curious about women in budo:

There is no more impeccable source of information than the Skosses. They are not biased by affiliation or, I believe, native prejudice. The information is plain and fascinating.



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