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Spot on Jo! How can you make reference to something you haven;t taught? Maybe he cannot and it is a throw away line!!??
Jo Adell (Qatana) wrote:
Jun, you left out a category:

"we don't have weapons class in our dojo"

It irritates me no end when one of my teachers says "its just like with a sword..." and we don't have the opportunity to explore Why and How, with a sword. It is hard to imagine a tactile experience one has not actually felt.I can "visualize holding the sword" but that will not help my technique one bit if my visualization is technically incorrect!
I introduce students to the bokken and jo as soon as I can, showing solo prsctice, so they can train outside of class, absorbing themselves in their Aiki!!!

Aikido does come from the sword, but you mst know the sword to learn from that.
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