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Steven Tame
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I suppose the thing is that people would expect that someone with a 4th kyu from hombu would have covered the stuff in the BAF sylabus and maybe more.

I truth is in Hombu I never so much as picked up a bokken or jo. I never used it even once but it seems to be an integral part of the BAF sylabus

Basically as I stated above in Hombu the begginers class basically covers these techniques

shomen uchi irimi nage

katate dori shiho nage

shomen uchi ikkyo

kata dori nikyo

yokomen uchi shiho nage

sitting kokyu ho

basically this covers the sylabus at Hombu up to 4th kyu

occasionally we may do san-kyo, kote gaeshi or tenchi nage.

Normal class starts after you pass 3rd kyu test.

In England all of the classes are like the normal class in Hombu and covers a wide range of techniques and aplications and it has been very difficult for me to adjust and I also have to do a lot of explaining because fellow students kind of expect me to know certain techniques which they assume that I know.

I will be back at Hombu from March and hope to pass my 3rd kyu test in May and move up to the normal class at hombu.

I suppose I just feel a bit weird not being the smae level/experience as same ranked aikido-ka in England
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