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Re: Re: Fear of flying?

Nafis Zahir wrote:
Where I train, we learn to take care of the uke. When we throw someone with Juji-nage, once they're airborn, we let the slapping hand go so that they can take a better fall. Pass this idea along. The only technique I fear the most is anyone that Chiba Sensei may do to me. He gave me a nikkyo and my wrist was throbbing for 2 weeks!
Interesting that the nikkyo seems to have injured you. The best nikkyo I ever had put on me was by Akira Tohei sensei, 8th Dan. When he took my hand and wrist into himself, it felt like I was being sucked into a vacuum cleaner. The nikkyo was quick and hurt so much, I never felt it. My whole body just went down and I lost my breath and just barely had time to groan and close my eyes. It was all instinctive. I thought for a second I was going to pass out. Then just as quickly, he let me go and instantly, I was absolutely normal. It was amazing. I went from pain to peace and I didn't feel a thing neither was I sore later. I have always thought about that. It was super powerful and yet left no injury. Very strange indeed. I think he really knew how to do a nikkyo.

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