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John Hogan (Hogan) wrote:
And where is your proof ? I have trolled ? Where ? Do you know me ?
You have trolled right here, in this thread.

The typical troll tactics you have employed, include, in particular

Step one: Indirectly "implying" offensive notions (i.e. "tone") toward things that you know people care about, and some even bear some emotional attachment to.

You put out a bait, wait for someone to emotionally extend themselves, and then proceed to

Step two: The moment your indirect implications are addressed, you crush the other side with the so-called "cold facts", that if you take your language apart word by word, there indeed is no direct accusation of anything.

Step three: Now that step two was successful, you adopt a false tone of "familiarity" with people you've never met, for example "danny boy" instead of "Daniel", and the "puff puff pass" bullshit, and then continue to make indirectly offensive comments and indirect personal attacks in order to stir people emotionally.

Step four: Now all you have to do is calmly stand in the middle and watch people you've upset take swings at you. Then you accuse THEM of being hostile.

Oh the irony.


This is a typical by-the-book trolling scenario, one that could be seen happening over and over on Usenet newsgroups long before these Web forums were born - where the troll provokes the other side to get emotionally involved, and then the "troll" himself keeps going "I'm rubber you're glue".

And no, I don't know you personally, but it doesn't take knowing every troll to spot one.

There' no "official school of trolling" that I'm aware of, and it seems that some people simply get the hang of being a troll "naturally" over the course of time.

Maybe it was not your purpose to troll here, and maybe you weren't even aware of it, but now you are.

So why don't you pause and think about what you're doing and why.