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Thanks for the shodokan link, Larry

But if the techniques allowed for each attack in competition is fixed, wouldn't people naturally develop ways to resist them?

I recently watched some tomiki competition videos, and understood the need for competition now. I wish we could do it here too, It'd spice things up a bit.

foam covered-bokkens? omygosh, that's my dream come true. Did you buy it online? what is the foam like?


During intense randori, a lot of things can happen and I'm surprised at what some people can do, or resort to. for example; someone I know will jump over an uke's fallen body to avoid the attacker coming from behind or another person will SUDDENLY be proficient in atemi when cornered.

I personally even executed a sutemi-waza once during jiyuwaza. shocked myself. Are these allowed in yudansha test randori?

I like it when skilled people used kuzushi to take down ukes, but I don't really like the way it inspired juniors to do the same. It may be a good application of aikido principle but it really makes for a boring and uninteresting jiyu-waza.

Ki-aikido practitioners do this a LOT


I personally never rolled out from corners, but is seriously tempted to do so. Just wondering what are people's thoughts on it though. Since everybody's okay with it..... I'm seriously considering it for my next randori.

Reza, I was referring to situations when you were throwing someone and when turning around... WHAM! someone's shomen got you good.

Realized that question is redundant, but is wondering if you just continue with the randori and pretend it didn't happen? or bow out? (I think it'd be fair to bow out..)

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