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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
Hi Larry;

I'm starting to play a little bit more with toshu randori and want to introduce a little bit more punch/kick play with the more advanced students.

If Shiai is your goal your randori needs to keep the strict rules in mind but more often than not we play. Sometimes there is such a beautiful opening that just begs for a non-Shiai technique. If you start adding these elements the full-blown randori is pretty much out of the question - but we do have less intense variations where they can fit in just fine.
Sounds like we are on the same wavelength Peter. Have gradually started adding more and more attacks (strikes) to what is basically hiki tate geiko at maximum. Thinking of getting some light gloves (ufc type) for folks in the event that hand strikes make contact with some force.

There are openings where a lot of non-shiai techniques can be applied very nicely - sometimes they show up in our randori, but like I said, it does not get to the full resistance part for safety reasons. My instructor mainly instructed randori for shiai, which is why I've adopted the approach. However recently I've been slowly expanding on that basic pattern.

Even bought a foam covered bokken to do some weapon randori as well. Should be interesting for opening up the range of techniques as well.


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