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Re: legal randori techniques

Hi Maresa, (long time haven't come to your dojo)
1. I've watched many shihan's randori, and SOME of them did some very un-aikido-like techniques such as legsweeps or just simply pushing the uke away.
in some situations sometimes we need to do things different from usual. I don't know if legsweeps/ pushing uke away is called un-aikido, because in randori/jiyu waza means we can use any techniques freely, since we were attacked by any techniques freely as well. to me doing legsweeps still means that you are in control of your partner and the condition (randori) itself.
2. During randori, I sometimes find that when cornered to a particular position, I had the urge to ROLL / ukemi out of the attack (in - between two attackers) or crouch and kaiten myself out of danger.
yours still better, at least you still have grace. I might push my partners aside to give some room for me to move. Anyway in jiyu waza the idea is your partner can't hit you, so if you have to roll/crouch to avoid the attack it doesn't matter. This one is useful especially in long randori where your mind sometimes stuck.
3. Sometimes when we are taken down we found that we can extricate ourselves and roll back to standing position. Should we continue the randori?
Hell yeah!!
Or do we fail? ( I'm just asking this one in the case of an examination, in the dojo we can probably continue )
if it's come to examination i'll leave it to the sempais to answer, but if i were the shihan grading you i might reduce your point a bit, but that's just me....
Or, what If an uke's attack connects? can we continue the randori?
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