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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Great article.

Shaun Ravens (Misogi-no-Gyo) wrote:
...However, following my own recommendation,...
You make recommendations to yourself ?
... You did not merely ask a "simple" question, or you would have received a simple answer.
I did indeed, and you did answer simply, but wrapped within .... well.... accusations.
...your follow up indicates something like and axe, or a chip, but not having made a clear statement in either post, I am really not sure what you are indicating.
Read the post again, simple words, simple english. I am not INDICATING anything, I ASKED a question. But how someone answers tells me much about the character of the person. Sad, really....
.... As for being defensive, do not mistake a polite setting aside of your offensiveness, as such. I provided clarity where you deliberately set out to cloud the truth with what now seems more likley some ill feelings towards someone you don't know.
OK, how about arrogance and poor assumptions, then ? I have no ill feelings toward Seagal as a person or as an aikidoist. Now as an actor....
.... your poorly worded question .. insinuated that the dojo that my teacher ran was somehow squeezing money from its core students. If I inadvertently insinuated that you, your family, or your dojo did as much, I would hope you would set the record straight. If I had intentionally done so, then I would expect you to put me in my place while setting the record straight.

Not at all. Are you in your place now ?
...Your inability to deal with what came at you as a direct result of your own actions is a clear indication of what is wrong with society today. Be responsible for your actions. Don't blame it on another, like a child does when confronted.
HUH ? Ok... AGAIN it's puff, puff, passss.