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Freaky! legal randori techniques

I've been wondering a few things

In my jiyu-waza / randori experience, I've tried many kinds of different attack settings ( all strikes, all grabs, mixed grab and strikes, takedowns, etc ), each one creating a different randori experience, but what I'm wondering is whether there are rules regarding how the nage should react?

For an example;

1. I've watched many shihan's randori, and SOME of them did some very un-aikido-like techniques such as legsweeps or just simply pushing the uke away.

2. During randori, I sometimes find that when cornered to a particular position, I had the urge to ROLL / ukemi out of the attack (in - between two attackers) or crouch and kaiten myself out of danger.

3. Sometimes when we are taken down we found that we can extricate ourselves and roll back to standing position. Should we continue the randori? Or do we fail? ( I'm just asking this one in the case of an examination, in the dojo we can probably continue ) Or, what If an uke's attack connects? can we continue the randori?


Point 1; not all the moves I saw are un-aikido-like, some of the legsweeps are effective and placed at the right-point-at-the-right-time, and some of the push are really well placed to cause kuzushi. ( but there's some that is just plain pathetic )

Points 2 and 3: is this legal?

thank you,

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