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After some deep thoughts on this issue...I realize that deep down I am still Steven Seagal's fan not because of his role in movies, but his aikido. I have an old video clip about his aikido's in black and white, it's about him teaching in his old dojo in Japan,...I have been watching it since long time...and even now, everytime I watch the clip, I still respect him as an aikidoka, as a 7th dan holder.

In that video clips his technique is awesome, lightning quick hand movement, concise tsabaki, near perfect irimi, and sharp nage in every aspect...IMHO, by this alone he deserve to be one of the best sensei.

We got in our language an old proverb..."one drops of ink damages the entire bottle of milk". I hate this saying, but I must admit there's some good point behind it. Training Aikido means learning how to control your whole body through your mind at any situation...sometimes we lost the control of our mind, and often it lead to mistake in life. People react to mistake and reputation become sour... Mistake means opportunity to learn, a true aikidoka will constantly have this attitude in mind and strive to reach it.

Probably I should not have posted about this news, it's just a bit surprising to see this website at first, and want to ask your guys opinion on it...

And it did generate a good response. Thank you for the reply especially these guys: Lynn Seiser, Erik Jurrien Knoops, and Dean Suter.

Get back to training it is.

Just a piece of shared thought.