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Lan Powers
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Getting kinda chilly in here.........*grin*

Sorry, just could NOT resist. I first actually saw aikido in the movies By Seagal Sensei. Having just gotten a bare *taste* of what a cool world the martial arts contained as a youngster in a summer recreation program (around 12 As I recall) I devoured all info I could find. This is *pre Seagal. The consensus throughout all research was that the art of aikido was the most difficult, but the most highly developed of all. Kung fu was getting to make a name ....Bruce Lee.....all the cool things that came to light in the seventies. (yeah I am old)

Run the clock up a few years, and the opportunity has finally come to DO what I have always dreamed of.

The point of this rambling post is that Mr. Seagal's movies were the first actual SEEING of what I had only HEARD OF. I will forever remember the magic of that.

Mr. McWhirt summed it up rather nicely, I think


Play nice, practice hard, but remember, this is a MARTIAL art!