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Fred Little
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Great article.

John Hogan (Hogan) wrote:
You, Fred and Daniel, and all other Seagal fans/students, need to chill.
With all due respect John, please note that I am neither a fan nor a student of Mr. Seagal; there is ample publicly available digitally archived evidence of that easily accessible to anyone who cares to look for it.

But I have had the pleasure of training with a number of individuals who studied with the man, and was pleasantly surprised by the seriousness of their practice.

As for the simplicity of your question.....methinks thou doth protest too much. It is true that net-speech doesn't allow for a great many non-verbal cues that we usually use to assess tone and maybe, just maybe, Shaun and I both missed something.

Your original question, with the particular phrase "he didn't happen to etc....." certainly seems to carry an insinuation. But as someone who basically writes for a living, perhaps my expectation that the writer is responsible not only for what is stated, but also for what might be implied, is too harsh a standard for application to your post. My bad.

Shaun certainly doesn't need me to carry his water, and I was reacting, as I initially said, to the broader implication of your question, variations on which I have heard while talking face to face on many, many occasions.

While I've seen a fair range of antics and misbehavior over the years, I've yet to encounter an aikido dojo running on the "belts for bucks" business model, either with exorbitant fees for examinations, or with re-examinations. That was my point.

If you or a friend has been burned by a McDojo belt mill of the kind found in many suburban strip malls, that is regrettable, you have my condolences, and I can well imagine that it might lead to a certain cynicism.

But as an individual with no past or present affiliation with Mr. Seagal who has been quite critical of certain aspects of Mr. Seagal's public persona, I also feel an obligation to be fair, to give credit where it is due, and to point out that your inartfully phrased question -- that might be taken to carry a rather negative implication -- is, as I said the first time, ludicrous.

That doesn't make for good tabloid sizzle, but I can live with that.

Those are my words and I stand by them. If that means you think I need to chill....I can live with that too.

And dare I say, this is pretty chill for me too. Ah well.

Best regards,

Fred Little