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Jesse Lee
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Aikido training for me personally is lacking in that the attacks are too stylized for my tastes. This has been the case everywhere I have ever trained, which includes three home dojos and seminars/classes here and there.

If one wants realistic attacks, like clinches and shoots, punches including hooks/haymakers/overhands/uppercuts/jabs, and straight punches to anywhere o/t solar plexus, or attacks with padded baseball bats or guns, or basically anything outside of the core aikido curriculum, then one apparently must train outside of the normal class schedule, or just wait for the occasional unusual lesson from the teacher.

Let's be clear -- That is no failing whatsoever of aikido, just a personal gripe I have with the Aikido pedagogy that I (in my limited experience) have always bumped into. Practicing the core Aikido attacks is not enough to feed my need.

The subject has been debated on this forum ad infinitum e nauseam, and counterarguments usually run along the lines of: Training in core aikido will eventually equip you with the means to deal with all those one-off attacks, since they are all variations on those core attacks.

That rings hollow to me. Without a doubt there is *some* truth to it, but it seems a distant second to actually training for the real deal.

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