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Re: Re: Re: Re: Great article.

Shaun Ravens (Misogi-no-Gyo) wrote:
Mr. Hogan,...So there you have it.
Wow - such much quick judgment. Calling my question "...very disrespectful, insinuating that Seagal Sensei ran his dojo with any impropriety,...". Asking me to "Please be clearer when asking questions that could be taken in a way that indicates a lack of respect....". Saying my question was asked as a "...backhanded question hoping that people may notice...". And saying that my question was "...simply...a poor choice of words".

I asked a simple question, and all you needed to do was answer very simply. Must this simple answer of yours: "There was never any charge for any student to take a dan test. The only fees that were collected were the ones forwarded to the Aikikai for passing the test" be wrapped in the middle of a really defensive answer ?

You, Fred and Daniel, and all other Seagal fans/students, need to chill.