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Re: What is aikido missing?

Dean Suter (Amassus) wrote:
I was inspired to write this after reading the Compliments thread.

Many other aikidoka from my own club have either done another martial art or are thinking about adding to their aikido by going to something else.

Does this mean that aikido lacks something? Or does it mean that aikidoka are just more open minded to other ideas?

I know the lack of competition can cause aikidoka to wonder if they truely can deal with the pressure of someone really wanting to beat you down.

every martial art have their own plus and minus points, even aikido. But that doesn't mean that it is aikido that lacks something. instead it's us humans who always feel that way. But this feeling of lacking something is indeed open our mind to new ideas, new arts and new concepts, which i think is a good thing to do. i mean, we can't always think aikido is the best art, there's always sky above the sky.
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