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Kent Enfield wrote:
That knot has the same significance as the pleats: none. It just looks nice and keeps everything tidy.
Kent, if I may. What you say is not exactly true at all. The pleats certainly have a documented meaning in many circles. Of course, this may even be different from circle to circle (art to art, country to country, etc.) As far as the knot on the belt, I have heard several things from students who have passed through my dojo. However, I have not had any direct training or information from my own teachers on this. I am sure that someone like Fred Little, many of the more well-known tamashigiri stylists a la Mr. Williams, and especially many practitioners of Koryu arts (Mr. Amdur please chime in, if appropriate) would have their own information which may vary widely.

So, as to say that there is no meaning, I am sure this is far from accurate. To say that there is one "accepted" meaning, well you know what they say, ask any two Israelis directions and get at least four or five answers, each more correct than the last..." Oh - that would be from my own experiences in the Middle East. Since that was during the war in Lebanon, things may have gotten worse since then...

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