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So, we were doing ni-nin randori and one of the two uke got a nice shiny bokken to play with. I was paired up with two yudansha -- I must have been 2kyu by then -- and we started.

I ended up being tori first, then the unarmed uke.

When my turn to have to bokken arrived, tori decided that taking the bokken away from me was a good idea. He then would ``drop'' the bokken in an awkward possition. It gave him time to breath while I ran, picked it up and attacked. Now, this was going over time after two hours of class and we were all shattered!

Towards the end of the two minutes, I picked the bokken and realised that tori had just thrown his first uke and was getting ready for me. So I charge, bokken above my head, screaming my best ki-ay! todate. Tori froze. I taped him on the head and said ``you're dead''. The whole class errupted into laughter. Sensei called it a night after that.

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