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No, no, sensei DeLucia, I'm not offended by your posts. Nor am I angry when I wrote it. You'll notice there are smiles under my posts


MY sensei had a similar experience of being an outcast in our foundation because of his practical approach to aikido. Teaching in the military and promoting the practical application of aikido seems to generate hostility from traditional dojos here (god knows why)

So, I feel some empathy with your current predicament

But now that you've cleared that the website design and wording wasn't made by you or in your knowledge, that's good enough for me.

However, if you don't mind my suggesting. Why not ask the web maker to modify the site, to be less promotional, and more informative? I found out that excesively promotional words can turn some people off ( which your site is guilty of). Properly worded information can catch more attention.

Btw, I'm a copywriter and designer. So I hope my suggestion can carry some more weight.

The road is long...
The path is steep...
So hire a guide to show you the shortcuts
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