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I don't really have much to say in interpreting this discussion. I will chime in with my opinions though. Mr. DeLucia, while obviously not currently holding a Ph.D. in English, seems to be a very down to earth and honest type of fellow. I can't say that I've found much fault with the things he's said. At least one person on this thread seems to take this whole thing as a personal attack and I feel that that person needs to go back and look at himself rather than post here.

I also agree with the comments that the invariably well spoken people on this thread have posited about the web site. I feel that if you publish, and you are publishing Mr. DeLucia, information that you should make every attempt to do your research (which you've done), develope what you want to say (which you've done but not very well), and then perform some kind of peer review (take for instance, this thread right here). It is you who are responsible for the information on your web site. You're entitled to say whatever you want, but from your replies it would seem to me that you've let other people say things and have provided them with an implicit consent to a work that you have not put enough time into making sure it is developed correctly.

I can honestly wish you the best of luck and respect in-so-far as I know about you. Please try to keep an open mind and listen to the people here whom you feel have valid concerns.

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