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Maresa Sumardi (indomaresa) wrote:
Glad to see that Sensei deLucia is finally chiming in.

There's hundreds of aikido styles out there. If I criticize aikikai, am I criticizing aikido? No.

Sensei deLucia, Am I criticizing your style? I don't know, I haven't seen it. But I don't approve the way you use aikido as a popularity gimmick. ( Judging from )

Plus I disapprove of your conduct in my heart only. Read carefully and you'll notice that my posts didn't even word anything resembling critic "on" you.

And... I AGREE WITH YOU that traditional aikido training can never be the same with the one with additional combative experience. If you had the time to ask one of your pupils, miss wendyrowe, you'll find out that I wholeheartedly approve with your realistic aikido training. I've discussed this previously with her via private messages.

I'm pretty sure I could be wrong, you could be completely honorable person and your techniques and demeanor reflecting the very essence of aikido. But I DON"T KNOW THAT. I only have your site to judge with. ( and that martial art show on tv ) Don't mind me, I criticize aikido training all the time. Especially mine.

Mr. Rehse, IMO people should see every aspect of aikido before judging aikido itself. So I still think no one IS & WILL EVER BE qualified to judge aikido. only the training.

Judging someone's aikido is not judging aikido. We all know the difference. I haven't seen all of aikido, and I'm sure you or aikidog haven't, so there.

maresa,part of the misunderstanding with all of this is words .every body speaks different english .much like our aiki,the french in my family don't speak english like the italian in my family,and thats my own family.but in this problem my web page was made by people who know me ,but are not me .i am not a business what is done for the benefit of business doesn't concern me so much ,and the small details don't either .but business feeds my family so i give license to those who run my job is only fight, teach and train.for me aikido is the most beautiful form even though i must consider all forms in my job .too much time is spent by some(william oaks)telling people to do what they want them to do ,instead of doing it them selves for them selves.can't we all just get along?
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