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Great article.

It just reinforces what I think about Steven Seagal I'm afraid.

IMO he is a very poor role-model for aikidoka but I will not dwell on that. There are plenty of threads around here that will argue the pros and cons of Mr Seagal.

A friend of mine told me what he thought of aikido before I took it up and explained its philosophy to him. When he heard it was known as a gentle art, he scoffed at it. His only association with the art had been what he had saw of Seagal and of another fellow that left my club many years ago because he was refused his black belt due to poor attitude. As far as my friend knew, it was all about the harsh techniques and taunting your opponents into fighting.

Now he knows what I train for (and for me, technique and self defence are secondary...attitude is first), and is aware that aikido is a whole approach to life, not just techniques. He has a different appreciation for the art now.

It troubles me that his first impression was very different, due to one action star.

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