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As always, Peter, thank you for your careful response. Should I trespass with leaden steps on the obtuse, my only defense is that well-exercized teachers' cliche that the only stupid question is the one that doesn't get asked. Begging your indulgence, questions follow.
Peter A Goldsbury (Peter Goldsbury) wrote:
From Post 17 (PAG): I think the washback effect, if any, is about as common as the 'romantic' interpretation of budo...

From Post 20 (PAG): My point in the last two posts was to show that Japanese allows a certain looseness with respect to terms and definitions...

DJM: In this case, are we indeed speaking of washback proper, as in influence from abroad, or simply a native propensity for looseness?

DJM: Was your comment on Hiroshima Gaku meant to draw a parallel between the invocation of DOU and GAKU? I.E., using these terms to emphasize the gravity of the practice?

....I would wager that there are a whole load of research theses being written at this very moment around the country, with the general assumption that the beauty/uniqueness of Japanese lies in the relative untranslatability of its Japanese there is also the 'pictorial' aspect conveyed by the characters. This is why I mentioned 'Hiroshima-gaku', above. To convey the full 'meaning' of this term, it HAS to be written with "Hiroshima" in katakana, not in kanji.

DJM: we LOSE the message conveyed by the pictoral element? Sorry, I think I missed the point of this entirely.

I think Bodiford...does not give much evidence of why it took so long for the Ministry of Education to adopt the ideas of the Dai Nippon Butokukai between 1906 and 1926, or to what extent Morihei Ueshiba was affected by the ideas of the Dai Nippon Butotukai, with their preference for DOU over JUTSU.

DJM: I wrote Bodiford on this and he demurred regarding specifics as they might relate to aikido. You have researched this quite a bit yourself, what are your own thoughts on the naming of aikido vis a vis state pressure?

DJM: Thank you, Peter.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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